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Almost every single weekend we like to stalk the local Old Town house listings to see what is new to the market and what is going to be open each Sunday. If an old house peaks our interest, we head out to snoop around, rain or shine, freezing cold or blistering sun. We're obsessed, we know, but we're passionate about these old homes. Every time we check out a house we think you'll like (or really hate), we'll share it here in our "Open Housing" section.
One thing that's kind of cool about living in Old Town Alexandria for as long as we have, and the fact that we've made a habit of visiting open houses for the whole time we've lived here, is that we're starting to see a lot of houses that we've previously...
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No matter where Wendy and I find ourselves we are always scoping local houses for sale, and last weekend was no different. We told you a little about our quick weekend trip out to the Eastern Shore, and while in St Michaels, Maryland, we just happened to be taking a...
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Wendy and I do a lot of Open Housing that focuses on a particular "quadrant" of Old Town, but this week we ventured outside of our usual Sunday stomping grounds. For those not familiar, Old Town is divided on the intersection of King and Washington Street into four quadrants. Though...
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Last weekend Wendy and I stumbled on a real treat. While walking with Lulu on Saturday morning, hitting up our usual stops (the pier and farmer's market), we saw a sign stuck into the ground on a corner. Could it be? Yes! An estate sale! I'm sure you can probably guess...
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One of the things I love most about the town in which we live is the large number of interesting and historic homes and architecture. Alex and I spend countless hours touring open houses, walking the streets, and admiring the homes, buildings, landscapes, and interesting details. When we're on vacation,...
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Boy do we have a major open housing home for you this week! The home we're going to talk about is one of those homes in Old Town where you don't know what to expect from the exterior, but are wowed by from the interior. Located right in the heart...
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Throughout its historic district, Old Town has several pockets of homes and buildings that define the age or style for a given block. Though each area has its fair share of houses from the 18th, 19th, and 20th century, the rule of thumb is simple -- the closer you get...
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This week we're going to deviate just a bit from the norm on our Open Housing posts. Until now, we've primarily covered homes for sale in Old Town that Wendy and I have gone through on our weekly Sunday open house trips. This past weekend, we had a unique opportunity...
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This past weekend Wendy and I took a little break from our HVAC attic work to get cleaned up and venture out into the sunlight. The weather was nice and the open house market was bubbling with a few new properties. Far be it of us to miss a good...
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Do you have a block or collection of homes in your neighborhood that catches your eye almost every time you walk or drive by? Perhaps even an enclave in another city that you go out of your way to pass simply because you like the houses so much? Admittedly, there...
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