If your Decembers are anything like ours, they're jam packed with parties and projects. From holiday get togethers to annual traditions, December seems to be wall to wall with events, and very light on the free time.While we may be very busy this time of year that's no excuse for...
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You may think you know this story, as it starts with a flutter, but the Grinch I'm referring to deals specifically with clutter. Her face may not be green and she doesn't live in a cave, but her grinchy ways come out when cleanliness she does crave. Opposite from the...
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Each December, I rack my brain for new and interesting ways to create fresh floral arrangements to celebrate the season. In the past I've used fresh greens, as well as many varieties of fruit and nuts to create festive centerpieces. I've displayed pineapples and pomegranates, bowls of clementines, and trays...
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Cookies, candy, cakes and pie. It seems the holiday season has no shortage of an endless supply of sweet treats conveniently lurking around every corner. Each holiday season, I like to bake a few of my favorite recipes to share with friends and family as an expression of gratitude and friendship....
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Decorating a Christmas tree can be a wonderful expression of personal taste, family memories, treasured keepsakes, and general nostalgia. Each year we relish in our time, unpacking each and every ornament, reliving the memories surrounded by its purchase. Although we don't have a "theme" tree per say, we decorate our...
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