Old Town Alexandria in the snow is nothing short of magical. 

I don't care how many times we experience snow storms in Alexandria, the day of the storm and immediate aftermath never get old. Sure we're too far south, too much a warm climate for people in the area to act reasonably around snow. And the people of the area sure take a verbal beating from real snow areas like Boston, but just forget about the pandaemonium that ensues when a few flakes are predicted, the all out rush on TP, bread, and milk that give area grocery stores nicknames like "Soviet Safeway," and the non-stop news coverage where the likes of Pat Collins reports live from some random roadside in some crazy snow outfit measuring depths with some amazing snow stick. Forget all of that and come along with me to appreciate the scenes our lovely snow has to offer.

Though this winter has been long, cold, and full of frustration for us, I really don't mind one last hurrah of a snow storm before we head towards spring. 

It gives us one last opportunity to get out and have a nice long walk around the near silent streets while the flakes were still falling.

My walk with Lulu took us around the streets of Old Town from the Potomac...

...to the graveyard of historic Christ Church and everywhere in between.

One of our favorite spots in Old Town is the alley in the three hundred block of Cameron Street.

As the sun set and the sky's light faded, I enjoyed the last moments of what is likely our final snowfall of the long and cold 2015 winter.

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Margaret Schleicher Bjorklund
3/6/2015 at 10:34 AM
The don't get it in Boston--it's like walking back in time cause everything modern becomes un-noticeable when it snows.
3/6/2015 at 10:43 AM

Thanks for the tour; OT is especially beautiful on a snowy evening. On that last photo, except for the window ACs, it looks like it could be from the last century or two. (Trusting that you washed Lulu's paws off when you returned home.)

Mary J
3/6/2015 at 11:35 AM

Don't you just love the quiet that seems to come with the snow? Even in Boston, its my favorite part, sound seems buffeted by the snow.

3/8/2015 at 8:51 AM

Beautiful pictures. One of these days I need to take some pictures of our neighborhood during a snowfall.

As much as I love snow, I really hope this is winter's last hurrah! The way this year has been going nothing would surprise me.

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