Happy Labor Day to all our U.S. readers out there. We're definitely taking full advantage of the long weekend and are working to knock out a few projects in our master bathroom. Specifically, we've been devoting our time and attention this weekend to the closet in this space.

As is the case with many married couples, there's an ongoing negotiation in our home when it comes to drawer space. As Alex puts it, I take the dresser space in our bedroom and he (unwillingly) gives it. In our lone dresser, he's been relegated to just the two small drawers at the top and I've moved right into the remaining majority. 

The lack of drawer space means the floor of his closet is a generally a hot mess.

The only way I could get him to agree to this arrangement was by promising this was only a temporary solution, and when we tackled our master bathroom, we would devote a portion of the room to a large closet. 

We've made a lot of progress on said closet, and I'm already planning out how to best organize every inch to make it multifunctional. We plan on installing a full dresser in the closet for Alex to use for his clothes, as well as storing our central vacuum hose and attachments, laundry basket, iron and ironing board, and a few other miscellaneous items.

So where are we with our progress? Well, we've ripped out the unsalvageable plaster to provide a good foundation for a special project we have planned. We'll be soon sharing the details of our unique wall treatment, but for now the thought of it has our house nerd hearts all aflutter. 

We've also reinforced the original plaster on the ceiling, and will soon be giving it a fresh skim coat to restore it to an attractive state. 

As far as the dresser goes, we lucked into a hand-me-down piece from Alex's parents. We met them in Philadelphia yesterday for a short visit with family, and loaded this baby into the trunk for the final leg of the journey back to Old Town.

We'll be reworking the piece a bit so that it: a) fits into the closet, and b) works seamlessly with the other decor in the space. Just because this guy will be largely hidden away in the closet doesn't mean he shouldn't be as good looking as his vanity counterpart. Given the years Alex has waited to reclaim drawer space means the pressure is on to whip this piece into shape.

All in all, we're making great progress this weekend and are really excited to be moving some of our projects forward. We have a lot of great things just on the horizon, and we're really excited for the next few months of hard work. 

Have you been working on any projects this holiday weekend, or are you taking a break from the laborious tasks around your home? We'd love to hear what you're up to. 

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9/3/2013 at 1:42 PM
We are working on a very similar plaster ceiling, down to the same round metal reinforcements. I am struggling with applying the many, many layers of joint compound and getting it to come out flat. Do you have any good sites with tutorials or guides on how to do this? Or do you have some helpful tips? Many thanks!
Hi Taylor - We've found the key to success is a lot of coats, and sanding in between with a pole sander. We're planning on putting together a tutorial next week on this subject with more details.

Good luck with your project. :-)
9/6/2013 at 9:45 AM
Thanks! I will look into a pole sander.
9/4/2013 at 4:00 PM
A new and big wardrobe is not only a necessary thing but also a very interesting part of the décor of your room. I think that any furniture in the room should be not only useful but also pretty and stylish. And this wardrobe looks really fashionable.
Old School Dave
9/29/2013 at 7:35 PM
Good to see the old dresser has found a home! Take good care of it!!
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