Feeling lucky? Check out our current Reader Reward giveaway related to this post. Head on over to this page for a chance to win.Okay, enough of that, on with the show!More than the wine we love to consume, more than the happy hour specials we enjoy with friends, more than...
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Valentine's Day is a special holiday in our house. I look at it as a nice reminder to take a few extra moments to show someone how much you love them, as well as an excuse to celebrate the first "major" holiday since New Year's. But most of all, I...
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Over the last few weeks we've taken you through the various steps we took to bring our bedroom from drab to inviting. From the extensive efforts involving demolition and paint stripping, to the inclusion of a functional pull down attic ladder, our bedroom slowly transformed from a cold and unassuming...
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A few weeks ago we created a basic how-to guide on sweating a copper plumbing fitting. Though this aspect of home improvement is often intimidating (it was for me the first time I did it), it's a completely doable task if you have the right tools for the job and...
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Over the last two weeks, my discovery that I have an...ahem...issue with hoarding greeting cards has been weighing heavily on my mind. Even though I weeded through the stacks, dramatically reducing the volume by keeping only my favorites or those with sentimental messages, I still didn't feel that was good...
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It's become an annual winter tradition in Old Town, and one with clearly defined steps:Yes, it's that time of year again, and as I'm typing this up the annual Old Town 2013 Boutique Warehouse Sale is in full swing. We actually just got home a bit ago with bags in...
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It's been a crazy day, let me tell you. From getting woken up on this snowy morning before 7:00 am by firetrucks attending to the building across the street, to a jam packed day at work, I've been hanging on since I sleepily rolled out of bed. At least it...
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