Routine maintenance is one of those absolute necessities that we almost always hate doing. I'd so much prefer creating new spaces, finishing new projects, or just relaxing on the couch. But keeping the already finished spaces of the house looking good is as important as getting them the way you...
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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter if you're celebrating, and a wonderful Sunday if you're not. We hope your day is filled with fun, family, food, and anything you want to accomplish today. We even ran into a few Easter Bunnies last weekend while out and about. I think they...
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It should come as no surprise that we've seen a number of changes in the area surrounding our home. It's been over nine years since we moved into our house, and in those years we've been witness to a significant transformation within the historic district we call home. The changes...
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We are well known by friends and neighbors for seizing almost any opportunity to decorate our house for whatever holiday may be afoot. I'm not sure if it's because of childhood memories and traditions, or simply because I like to embellish our home with little pops of color or festive decor, but...
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Now that Spring is in the air, we're turning our attention back to the sad, unplanted areas in the front of our house. These areas are comprised of a whopping two urns and the small space around our newly planted city tree. What these areas lack in size, they need...
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The tool I want to cover in today's Toolbox Tuesday, the Fein MultiMaster, is what I like to refer to as a "wonder" tool. What I mean by using the word "wonder" is not typical of what you would normally think of. When I say "wonder," I mean: ...
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As you've probably gathered from us by now, Alex and I are suckers for all things old. Not only do we have an intense appreciation for things that have withstood the test of time (like our 125 year old house), but we like to honor and preserve their history. The...
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We have a bit of an announcement. Wendy and I have been working on our house for just over nine years now (and blogging about the adventure for about one year). During this same period we've seen other homes renovated, skyscrapers built, neighborhoods constructed, children grow up, even massive bridges...
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