My apologies if I'm overwhelming you with food truck info these days. It seems like this is becoming the "Old Town Home of Food Trucks." I've been without my fix for a while, so the flood of posts is related to my falling off of the food truck wagon. I'm sure it will die down before too long, but that day is not today.

There's another new food truck on the block, and I found it pretty much by accident. My coworkers and I saw that the Pi Truck DC (deep dish pizza) was in the area so we formed our small group and headed out for lunch. 

As we walked towards the Pi Truck we noticed a white truck with a few customers and no obvious logos parked a few trucks back from Pi. With our interests peeked piqued, we checked out the other truck.

Low and behold, it was a new food truck called "Curbside Crabcakes." In a play on the now famous Curbside Cupcakes, this truck was serving a Maryland style lump crab cake sandwich, seasoned fries, and slaw.

My coworker Doug and I decided to order both a pizza and a crab cake sandwich to split. We figured if the crab cakes were sub par we had the pizza to fall back on.

As expected, the Pi Truck pizza was quite good, but DC food truck fans already knew that. It ran us $12 for a 9" pie, large enough to split with someone else.

But the crab cake sandwich was great! The crab was thick and plentiful and contained no filler. It wasn't overdone with mayo or sauce, but also wasn't overly crabby. 

I talked with the owner of the truck for a second and was happy to learn that he would be coming back to our area every other week, and that his white truck was so new that it hand't even had the paint job applied. Once we see him with the updated paint scheme, we'll surely update this post with a follow up photo. There is such potential for a good paint job when dealing with crabs.

My verdict, crab cake and fries for $12 may sound a bit steep at first, but a good quality and thick crab cake that stands on the crab and not all of the seasoning or frying is well worth the price.

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6/10/2011 at 3:41 PM
Piqued, not peeked.

Good blog, I enjoy it.
I have become lazily reliant on spell check and wrongly assume my own proper word selection. Thanks for the note. Now I know...and knowing is half the battle.
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